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tv   Ronan Farrow Daily  MSNBC  April 25, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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wrap up the week with just one phrase, give me a second. today everybody's favorite nevada rancher got a second chance to make a first impression. didn't really handle it that way. nra is holding its annual convention. we will take you live to that celebration of the second amendment. and we bring you inside the secret rise of pet coke and why it is causing men and women in the second city to fight back. spoiler alert. industrial byproduct not the best for your heating. not so much. >> you're telling me you did not say picking cotton. >> are they better off as slaves picking cotton. >> i should be able to say those things and they shouldn't offend anybody. >> 70,000 people are gathering for the national rifle association annual meeting. stand and fight is this year's theme. >> that's what the second amendment is all about, to
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control the government. >> the wife of a chicago doctor killed in afghanistan. >> we don't hold any ill will towards afghanistan in general or even the gunman who did this. >> president obama arrived in south korea this morning, a country still reeling from last week's tragic ferry disaster. >> i can only imagine what the parents are going through at this point. ♪ this is the ballad of cliven bundy. take it, cliven. >> i want to tell you one more thing i know -- >> okay. that's enough of the song. the swift fall of cliven bundy. days ago he was a hero for the
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anti-government movement. now the controversy surrounding hitting the headlines and trending this morning on twitter nationwide. this after the "new york times" published shocking quotes from bundy. among them black people were happier during the slavery era than now. he went on to refute them on talk radio. >> are those quotes accurate? because you told me that's not exactly what you said. >> no, that's not exactly what i said. the men were out working. i didn't say anything about picking cotton. but they were out working. basically they make it a racist-type thing because i'm not racist. >> uh-huh. but then video emerged of bundy, you guessed it, making the exact comments he denied. >> i want to tell you one more thing i know. they didn't have nothing to do. they didn't have nothing for their kids to do. they didn't have nothing for their young girls to do. because basically they were on
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government subsidy. what do they do? abort their young children and put their young men in jail because they never learned how to pick cotton. i've often wondered are they better off as slaves picking cotton, have a family life and doing things or better off under government subsidy? >> wait. let bundy explain. he said he was merely wondering if they were happier as slaves. take a listen as things got worse on live tv this morning. >> you know, maybe i sinned. maybe i need to ask forgiveness. maybe i don't know what i actually said. but when you talk about prejudice, we're talking about not being able to exercise what we think, our feelings. we don't have the freedom to say what we want. if i say negro or black boy or
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save, i'm not -- if those people cannot take those kind of words and not be offensive, then martin luther king hasn't got his job done yet. i should be able to say those things and it shouldn't offend anybody. i didn't mean to offend them. >> lawmakers on both sides, even previous bundy defenders like senator rand paul, raced to condemn the remarks. but here's the thing. bundy isn't an aberration. he's the tip of a deep, dark iceberg. just take a look at this. 1,360. that is the number of conspiracy-minded anti-government, quote, patriot groups that existed in the u.s. as of 2012. a record level. look at the rise since 2009 when president barack obama took office. following the 1995 oklahoma city bombings. let's dive into this with our
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panel. keith ellison and jonathan alder. jonathan, i'll start with you. as we saw from the law center, there's been a spike in these anti-government, anti-establishment groups. how much do you think that's a byproduct of having a progressive president? >> i think there's clearly a connection. we last saw the spike in the 1990s when bill clinton was president. we had all these militia groups. one thing that's so interesting is this battle between washington and right wing anti-tax, anti-government groups that claim to be pate attic but are not goes lit wael back to the beginning of the public. 1794 they had a whiskey rebel yon. these farmers in western west virginia didn't want to pay their taxes. they sent out the u.s. army to collect the taxes. so the idea that somewhat what
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bundy and setting aside the racism for just a minute, their whole objective embraced by rand paul, shawn hannity before they ran for cover was anti-george washington, anti the founders. anticipate the ideas this country was founded on, which is the central government does have the ability to collect taxes. >> but you highlighted both sides of that coin. in many ways it is a very old tradition that goes pack to the earlier historical roots we have. it is interesting. congressman, i want to ask you about the race component. listen to what cliven bundy said this morning. take a look. >> i thought about this quite a bit. >> please. and i thought about what reverend martin luther king
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said. i thought about rosa park taking her seat at the front of the bus. now reverend martin luther king did not -- did not want her to take her seat in the front of the bus. that wasn't what he was talking about. he did not say go to the front of the bus and that's where your seat was. what reverend king wanted was she could sit anywhere in the bus and that nobody would say anything bit. and you and i could sit anywhere near her in the bus. that's what he wanted. and that's what i wanted. >> that's one reading of the history. bundy went on to say he doesn't know how to talk these ethnic groups. is it ignorance or a symbol of something more. or he isn't educated on how to talk about these issues or is he just racist? >> i think cliven bundy lacks
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the courage of his convictions. he is unreconstructed raceist. now that he is in the limelight he is trying to back pedal. i'm disappointed. i wish he would stand when o when he said black people need to go back to picking cotton and maybe we were happy during slavery. now he is trying to deny it. he's been busted. but the truth is what he believes he has already said. this sort of stream, it's not even -- it's not knew. as a matter of fact, wasn't it just a few weeks ago when the star of "duck dynasty" was saying something similar? >> very similar sense. >> this is a real live stream within conservative circles today. trying to insight tensions between working class people of
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different colors is a part of what they're all about. whenever the cover gets pulled all the way off, they run for cover. but right before that, they are embracing it fully. and i guess i'm a little surprised at some of my colleagues in congress who were so excited to embrace this guy. >> what political lessons do you think senators like rand paul and dean heller who were so quick to jump on the band wagon. what can they learn from this swift backlash. >> maybe look before you leap. don't jump on the bandwagon. tell the the truth about what cliven bundy was all about from the beginning rather than trying to latch on to a popular, populist, fake populist trend. the reality is that clive bundy, as free as he was to share his views on the virtues of picking
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cotton, it's hard to believe that he was keeping these views hidden all along. they're just absolutely shocked that now he is saying these things. i'm not imputing my colleagues knew he was quite as extreme as he revealed. but he all kind of know the dog whistle before we hear the real one. and we should call it out. >> should they have done more background checking on this individual? >> well, they just need to understand that the core of these resistors is a racist, basic there a racist idea. that somehow other people are sitting on their porches and not working. >> that's right. >> so the dog whistle, sometimes called code words. if you say as paul ryan has, for instance, the problem is the safety net has turned into a
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hammock. quote, unquote, paul ryan. what is he saying? what is he saying? what he is saying is that lazy, presumably minorities, are taking -- are takers from the federal government. just like the 47% comments you heard from mitt romney. # are romney and ryan racist? no. but there was a subtext there that can be interpreted as making a racial appeal. what somebody as crudely racist as bundy does is strips the veneer and they are using code words to say the same thing, to make the same points. >> there's irony imbedded in all the comments. bundy is making them in front of a federally funded overpass that i'm sure he uses to transport things. as you pointed out, congressman, he is making them under the protections of the first amendment. let's get to the underlying
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debate he triggered and the individuals on the hill launched on to. the underlying fight is whether there should be state control. he isn't wrong in pointing out there is a lot of government interference. take a look at this map, which shows the amount of land the federal government owns in the west. is there any substance to the argument bundy and all the politicians behind him were making? >> no. i think if they want to introduce a piece of legislation that would make up a new composition as to the apportionment between federal, state, and privately held land, let them introduce a bill and let us debate it. but to say he's just not going to pay is something we simply cannot abide if we have a civilized society. the fact is these people question the government's role to pursue the interests of the american people. just like the whiskey rebel yon.
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we have been enforcing federal law for quite a long time. and i think we can't tolerate doing otherwise. >> jonathan, getting pack to the history of this, the thing that's fascinate to go me is, it goes so deep into the roots all the way back to paul revere's ride, revolutionary war. we are a nation of insurgents. do you think this is something american identity will never escape. beneath the surface there will be this dark anti-establishment? >> well, there's been a constant tension, as you say, in american history going back between central authority, the federalists they were first called and the jeffersonian party. the way they set up under the articles of confederation didn't work. so it was written to give certain powers. but what's fascinate to go me
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about this bundy story is it brings together not just that anti-establishment we are talking about but also the racial scars of american history. so think about when this has been an issue most in the last 50 years. 1957. president eisenhower had to send troops to little rock, arkansas to enforce the government's efforts to desegregate schools there. and 1963, jfk had to send federal marbles to alabama, george wallace stood on the school house tkaofrplt he was no different than bundy. he was saying you don't have any right to enforce the law. my question is what's more patriotic, belief in the law and constitution as it has been clearly articulated. is that the patriotic position of the u.s. government in this case? or are the patriots the ones who
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wrap themselves and say we don't have to obey the law. by the way, we're farming on federal land we're not paying for. you taxpayers are supporting my business. >> these minority groups needed most the protection of the federal government. it does run over and over again to this sentiment of losing some protections for minorities. it's built into it. congressman, the last question to you. as an individual of color on the hill, do you think there should be more condemnation of that part of the movement, of the obliteration of federal protections when it comes to minorities? >> well, i'm not sure exactly what you're asking me. what i can tell you. >> the individuals who jumped on this band wagon and are espousing that ideology. >> we absolutely have to stand
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up and confront racism, division in our country and stand up for the right of the federal government to protect minorities. this is something we have to repeat over and over again. i want to say as we are talking about this unrepented racist rancher moocher we're not talking about the 2.8 million people who are left behind on unemployment insurance, 12 million left behind without immigration bill. i just want to point that out. i want to tell you that sometimes i think this kind of thing takes up more time than it really deserves. >> that is an excellent sentiment that much of the country is waiting to hear from a lot of our leadership. thank you congressman and jonathan alter. just moments ago, the nra opened their annual 2014 convention.
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live to minneapolis where it is being helped to speak to someone directly and vividly impacted by a horrific act of gun violence, one the country should never forget. we'll be back. [ chainsaw buzzing ] humans. sometimes, life trips us up. sometimes, we trip ourselves up. and although the mistakes may seem to just keep coming at you, so do the solutions.
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welcome back to ronan farrow daily. you're looking at the nra national convention that just kicked off. wayne la pierre is there now. other names include mitch mcconnell, rudeeo, santorum and sarah palin. also in indiana, a group of gun violence victims, their families and 100 or more mothers crying
10:21 am
out for gun safety. let's listen in to wayne la pierre. >> feel it in your heart. you know it in your gut. something has gone wrong. the core values that we believe in, the things we care about most are changing, eroding. our right to speak, our right to gather, our right to privacy. the freedom to work and practice our religion and raise our families and protect them the way we see fit. those aren't old values. those aren't new values. they are core freedoms, the core values that have always defined us as a nation. and we feel them. we feel them slipping away. all across america. believe me, i'm out there every
10:22 am
week in some sort of the country. everywhere i go people come up to me and they say, wayne, and they put their head down. they go, i've never been worried about this country until now. and you know what, they don't say it with anger. they say it with sadness in their eyes. i've never been worried about this country until now. we're worried about the economic crisis, choking our budgets, shrinking our retirement. we're worried about providing decent health care, a college education for our children. we fear for the safety of our families. it's why neighborhood streets that were once filled with bicycles, skate boards, laughter in the air now in too many neighborhoods sit in the and silent. in virtually every way for the things we care about most we
10:23 am
feel pro found loss. we're sold. not because we fear something is going wrong, but because we know something has already gone wrong. that's why more and more americans are buying firearms and ammunition. not to cause trouble but because we sense that america is already in trouble we know sooner or later reckless government actions and policies center consequences. when government corrupts a truce and breaks faith with the american people, the entire fabric of our society, everything that we believe in and count on, is in jeopardy. political dishonest and media dishonesty have linked together in this country, joined forces to miss inform and deceive the american public. let's be straight about it right
10:24 am
now in this room. the political and media leads in this country are lying to us. they lied bills into law. you know that. they passed legislation they eagerly go on television and defend it. health care policies. economic policies. foreign affairs. all seem repeatedly reckless. the irs is now a weapon. a weapon to punish anyone who disagrees with them. and that means every one of you. they try to regulate our religion. they collect our cell phone and e-mail data. and they give us benghazi, "fast & furious", obama care, massive unemployment, a debt that will choke our grandchildren and one
10:25 am
executive order on top of another. rather than expose government dishonesty and scandal the way they used to, the media leads whitewash it all. move on, they tell us. there's nothing to see here. don't worry. one of america's greatest threats is the national news media that fails to provide a level playing field in this country for the truth. >> all right. linking gun rights to a broader question of rights. in his words, a corruption at the trust of the american people and the government. we're going to turn for a take on this to erica lafferty. she experienced devastating gun violence and is in indiana to protest this very event. her mother was principal of sandy hook and killed during the
10:26 am
2012 shooting there. tell us, you're with a group of survivors there and family members who are throwing events to encourage the nra to get behind common sense gun safety reforms. what do you think can be realistic achieved by your presence there? >> i think that we are more urging nra leadership to get behind members as well as the 90% of americans that support common sense gun laws. it is not us urging the nra as a whole. our hope is to be in the public eye. what we would ultimately like to see is leadership get behind their members. >> when you hear wayne la pierre say, relaying the comments saying we have never been worried about our nation until
10:27 am
now, ramping up the fear factor about this, is that fear merited? should people want to grab their guns in self-defense? >> in his comments he mentioned his profound loss. i can tell him a thing or two about profound loss. i don't think anybody will understand profound loss like i do or the pendletons do or jesse lewis's father does. those people are all here with me standing with me this weekend. i don't have sympathy for wayne la pierre's profound loss. i don't think he is representing the group that he is supposed to be representing. >> when you hear him link the issue of gun safety to these broader violations of trust that he talked about like the nsa scandal, and monitoring phone calls, monitoring e-mails, is that appropriate or a rhetorical
10:28 am
slight of hand? >> i don't find it appropriate. gun safety is very few an american issue. it's not an us and them issue. 86 people every single day are injured or killed with a gun, that's an alarming number. that's something everyone should be concerned about. i'm not here to protest gun rights. i respect someone's right to own a gun. what i'm asking for is for them to be responsible and safe gun owners. and i don't think that's out of stretch by any means. >> the gun safety movement is centering on background checks. in the wake of newtown you intensely lobbied members of congress. you tweeted pictures of you with your mom. it seems there's actually been a
10:29 am
slackening of gun controls, not the other way around. if you look right now, the nra is winning big victories in georgia and elsewhere. do you have any hope that the congress will find the political will to turn the trend around? >> i think everybody knows that washington doesn't exactly move quickly. but we are absolutely just as motivated as ever. we saw huge success in connecticut, new york, delaware this year. and we're just going to take it to the statehouse and town hall meetings and do what we can do to get it passed through on the state level. we also saw big wins this year. i'm looking forward to continuing to see those throughout the years. >> thank you for sharing your story. >> thank you. >> just ahead, we just heard from nra executive talking about the merits of the two gun owners. up next our panel talks about the politics of guns and gun laws. stay with us. you, my friend are a master of diversification.
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>> welcome back. developing news at the nra. the biggest gun group in the country kicks off its annual convention this hour in indiana. wayne lapierre kicked off his speech moments ago many take a listen. >> history has proven that president obama that they try to suppress. firearms in the hands of good people save lives. >> the nra is among the most powerful political groups in the country. wasn't always so. it was a haven for marksman. in the 197 0s it emerged as a political force. boy, have they been a force since then. joining me is dan gross, president of the brady campaign
10:34 am
to prevent gun violence and sam stein of the huffington post. the foundation were perpetuating a lot of anxiety saying, quote, that his members that he has been talking to have never been worried about the country the way they are now before this time. do you think that's browned? is there a rise in violence that people need to defend against? >> no. it couldn't be any less grounded in fact. in fact, the results of the political agenda are the only thing that's creating the violence that everybody seems to be so scared about. >> what about his perpetuating anxiety about the rights. >> that's the strategy. the paranoid, fearmongering, wrapping it in the rights and freedom of the people, rank and file nra members. the reality is, and we have to remember, what he is promoting
10:35 am
is nothing more than the agenda of the corporate gun lobby. that's really what this is about, and drumming up that fear and paranoia. i would call it delusional if it weren't so calculated. that's what the rest of the american public, 90% of americans who support not taking guns out of the hands of the good guys and gals but keeping them out of the hands of dangerous people through things like background checks, which includes the majority of nra members themselves, rank and file nra members. that's what we need to realize. our issue isn't with the people in the audience there, the people who might have gone hunting, dawning camouflage. >> let's get to the corporate bagging in a moment. but first, sam, i wanted to get your reaction to his gun control issue with a number of other pr debacles they have faced. he linked it to the nsa scandal,
10:36 am
violations of privacy, calling it a corruption of trust. is that a smart move on his part? >> it has proven to be strategically smart. the nra is as powerful if not more than any point. the problem he faces is during the first term he had a pretty good boogeyman. he said he will come and get your guns. he doesn't have that in the second term. the president is not running for reelection. he needs to create a few other things for people to get fearful about. in this case, at this speech specifically, a variety of things, the government is expand to go dangerous degrees and you need to have and preserve your rights against the government. he brought in the irs, nsa. all of it convincing people to stock up on firearms.
10:37 am
>> the group is more powerful that it has ever been. according to the center for responsive politics, it ranks near the top six of the country's political organizations in terms of money spent and a political contributions, lobbying, outside spending. >> sure. >> how much of the influence comes from that robust cash flow? >> i would say not as much as often reported. the nra power tends to be its members are incredibly motivated and tend to be on a single issue. that's gun rights. they can spend a lot of money. what's far or effect wall for them is to have people call up their congressional or the member of congress's office and petition them. so during the debate over background checks, it's true they had 80% to 85% on background checks. the vast majority of phone calls were from those people opposed to it. that's the nra power. they can motivate their base better than basically any other
10:38 am
interest group in the country. >> maybe the money angle is overplayed by the press. certainly it's a concern for the opposition groups. the nr a's last annual revenues were $256 million. the brady center, which is one of the largest, most significant had $3.8 million in the same year. there is a huge gap here. >> we had $10 million last year. and you know, there are really exciting things happening on our side of the issue, not the least of which mayor bloom burr's extraordinary commitment of $50 million. >> do you think that will be a "game change" senator. >> that with the money that gabby giffords is bringing, the continued speeding that brady lance practice on this issue. it's the aggregate, even on a financial level, puts us on an even playing field. but very importantly, we need to do a better job on our side of the issue communicating to the
10:39 am
american public what this issue is really about, which is the influence of the corporate gun lobby. that's not only boogeyman because that implies it's unjustified. it's our real enemy. we need to expose it in broad daylight what the corporate gun lobby is doing to influence the vote. wayne lapierre talked about all the dishonest in washington, d.c. and politics. the most dishonest politicians i would contend are the ones at this event. >> call it dishonest or honest. it is certainly on major display. there are a lot of gun vendors and manufacturers right there at that conference. we will be watching in the coming days and months. thanks for joining us. >> toxic waste being dumped in communities with the least power to protest. but one congressman is doing something about it. he's going to join our call to action next. i've always kept my eye on her... but with so much health care noise,
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we're back. this week the debate over president obama's delayed decision on the keystone xl pipeline has dominated the headlines. today we take a look at the growing concern over a byproduct that pipeline would create much, much more of called petroleum coke or pet coke. not a household term but it's on its way to becoming one. what is pet coke? it's a high sulfur, high carbon waste solds cheap fuel source. it was shot after high winds spread dust along the detroit river and spread into businesses and residential neighborhoods around that area. after an outcry it was eventually removed in august. but the problem has spread along the great lakes. now residents in chicago are
10:44 am
upset about pet coke piles scored along the calumet river. it is shipped from a nearby refinery in indiana. the same refinery responsible for the oil spill into the great lakes we covered earlier this week. chicago department of public health is warning residents there are health effects that could be profound from the dust including coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and experts say there's not enough literature to determine whether it goes much deeper than that. residents want to avoid being exposed to this pet coke dust f. they do, what should they do? well, authorities say, quote, limit spending time outdoors or outdoor activities. harsh verdict on that. is it realistic? what needs to be done to fight back against the corporations that are polluting neighborhoods? one congressman in the area has an answer. that's gary peters, who represents a district where pet coke piles were stored along the
10:45 am
detroit river. he has fought to have it removed. congressman peters, you called into a federal investigation associated with this substance. what health issues have you seen your constituents suffer because of these piles? >> it's an issue we need to be very concerned about. we had huge piles. i saw the video you played earlier. they were over a city block high. it was blowing into people's homes. folks who worked in the businesses, wait staff having difficulty breathing from this fine particulate matter blowing everywhere. there are still answers we need to find out. what are the potential dangers of it. how can we store this? what are the best practices. off times this probably should be completely covered. so it's not blowing. particularly in that video you saw. >> congressman, why these piles covered?
10:46 am
>> we don't have any state laws that deal with pet coke. that's why it is very important we get tougher state laws. on the federal level i introduced one to study what are the potential harmful impacts it has. but to take a look at best practices. some states require that it is completely covered. it should be happening in michigan and other places for the very reason demonstrated by the video that you showed. >> we mentioned chicago has also wrestled. mayor rahm emanuel banded new pet coke from opening or expanding in the cities. >> it is something we have to look at. you can't have dust clouds blowing into people's homes. and this is going to be an issue. you mentioned the keystone pipeline. it comes from canadian tar sands oil. roughly every barrel has processed up to a third can be pet coke material. this is not just an issue in detroit or chicago, it is going to be an issue, cities all across this country.
10:47 am
we have to figure this out. we have to figure out how potential hazard is this material, how do we store it and contain it. if we can't, we have to take a hard look what the next steps might be. >> there are a lot of obstacles. one is a lot of big money interest behind pet coke. companies owned by the coke brothers. >> right. >> do you carry big money could efforts of a national standard? >> no question that will be the case. i took on these piles here in the city of detroit. coke brothers own this material. i'm running for the united states senate in michigan. already the coke brothers have put in $5 million of negative ads against me. a little bit of retribution for standing up against them. they are likely to spend millions of dollars more before the end of this election. but we have to stand up to big money. this is about public health, people who live in neighborhoods, oftentimes in neighborhoods that constantly
10:48 am
get dumped on. we need to stand up to this money and say enough is enough. you have to handle this materially properly or you shouldn't have it at all. >> do you expect this problem to get better or worse. in particular if the keystone xl pipeline is approved, what effect do you think that will have? >> i'm very concerned. we're not dealing with that issue. that is why i introduced election proper storing of this material and the potential impacts it has on people. to move forward and have these massive piles all throughout the country without us asking these tough questions and trying to find some answers is simply irresponsible. that's why i have answered this legislation. i know i will be fighting the coke brothers and their millions of dollars to try to stop me. but we have to stand firm because we have to get to the bottom of this and get the answers we need. >> we'll be watching closely how this plays out. thank you. >> thank you. >> this week our call to action
10:49 am
focused on legislation surrounding what animals are counted after disasters of this type and contaminations of this type. it asks our government to count all documented oiled wildlife rather than just oiled animals that are physically retrieved after an oil spill. we asked you to sign that petition. it grew to 1,840 signatures at last count. it's been incredible how all of you have rallied around this. still a lot of work to go. please don't give up this fight. earlier this week we spoke to erin brockovich about her efforts about water efforts around camp le jeune, north carolina. right now online we have follow-up interviews with ms. brockovich. and the envelope, please. we reveal your pick for the week's most underreported story. here's a hint. it's got nothing to do with guns
10:50 am
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(dad) just feather it out. (son) ok. feather it out.! (dad) all right. that's ok. (dad) put it in second, put it in second. (dad) slow it down. put the clutch in, break it, break it. (dad) just like i showed you. dad, you didn't show me, you showed him. dad, he's gonna wreck the car! (dad) he's not gonna wreck the car. (dad) no fighting in the road, please. (dad) put your blinker on. (son) you didn't even give me a chance! (dad) ok. (mom vo) we got the new subaru because nothing could break our old one. (dad) ok. (son) what the heck? let go of my seat! (mom vo) i hope the same goes for my husband. (dad) you guys are doing a great job. seriously.
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(announcer) love a car that lasts. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. we're back. and president obama is in south korea at this very hour. his second stop in a four-nation tour of asia. he began his visit there by honoring the victims of the tragic ferry accident off that country's coast. president obama participated in a brief moment of silence earlier today as he met with south korea's president. and he expressed sympathies for the parents and the high school students lost onboard that ship. >> i know my visit comes at a time of great sorrow for your nation. and, again, on behalf of all americans, i want to express our deepest condolences. to all the families who lost loved ones on the ferry. i'm a father of two daughters of the same age or close to the same age as those who are lost.
10:54 am
and so, i can only imagine what the parents are going through at this point. >> very personal take there. president obama also presented south korea's president with a flag that flew outside the white house on the day of the ferry accident. at this hour, 181 people are confirmed dead. 121 people remain missing. and recovery efforts are continuing at the scene of that incident. all right. well, you have all voted all week and we can tell you which story is going to be crowned our top underreported story of the week. with 100% of districts reported, we predict that gerrymandering is your top choice of this week's underreported story. with a 20-point margin of victory, it wasn't much of a contest. perhaps that's because viewers like david, for example, feel so strongly about the issue. he tweeted that gerrymandering should be illegal. a radical solution and an especially tough sell given that the people who write the laws are the ones doing the gerrymandering. the problem is very real and has
10:55 am
an enormous impact on how our voices are heard in our political process. we'll be digging into that issue next week. and that wraps things up for today's edition of "ronan farrow daily." i'll be back at 1:00 p.m. eastern time all next week right here on msnbc. but first, it's time for a day moment everyone savers. yes, it's joy reid. hello, you're in chicago. >> and the internets love it. >> the internets love us. >> my favorite part of the day, too. i wish you were here to hang out with me. good things going on in chicago and a lot of stuff coming up, including guns and politics at the nra convention today where they're pushing for more guns just about everywhere. i'll talk to the woman leading a group that's spending millions of dollars trying to stop them. then, just when you thought cliven bundy's comments couldn't possibly get worse, they get worse. now the nevada rancher is talking about martin luther king and rosa parks and the
10:56 am
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are you type e*? happy friday, everyone. i'm joy reid and this is the "reid report" live from chicago. and here's what we've got for you coming up this hour. cliven bundy is speaking out again and you will not believe what he's saying now. no, no, actually you'll totally believe it. and as fast as the 15 minutes of fame are coming to an end, we'll tell you about the republican lawmakers and conservative media types running away from him even faster. and darrell issa back on his crusade to take someone, anyone down for the so-called irs scandal. this time he set his sights on attorney general eric holder. but first, the national rifle association's annual meeting is underway in indianapolis. let's listen to wayne lapierre.
11:00 am
>> history has proven, again, the truth that president obama, an antifreed and antifreedom activists everywhere try to deny and suppress. the truth that firearms in the hands of good people save lives. nra's 5 million members and america's 100 million gun owners will not back down, not now, not ever. >> moments from now, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is expected to rally the troops. and also coming up in this hour, convention leaders will hear from marco rubio, rick santorum and bobby jindal. about 70,000 nra members are expected this weekend to browse nine acres of the latest in gun gadgetry. but the real purpose of today's event is to let everyone know


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